Thursday, November 22, 2012

Poem on history of palastin

Interval is over
Now in theatre
Film starts
Title ….”Massacre of holy land”
Director Netanyahu
First seen-1948
Devil was born !!!!
******** **********
Seen 2nd
Venue UNO Conference
Vilain enters
USA…… assistant
Seen 3rd
Father of hero, Yaser Arafeth
No more, poison/ ususal ?
Air attack, naval, ground assault
Hundred vanished,,,,pool of blood.
Sudden I heard of snoring
It was india, impartial, sleeping
*********** *******************
“”Interval””   screen flashes
Vendor enters,,,,,,,,news paper
Full of Jasmine ,,,rays of hope
Intervl is  over
Air strike starts pillars of smoke
Crying, stone plittting, funeral
************* ***************
Hero is yet to come
To rescue the heroine, holy land
                                        BY ASHRAF NLKN

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