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شاه الحميد مولد

Shahul Hameed (R) Mouleed

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Darusslam Islamic Academy

Darusslam Islamic Academy ([[Arabic]]:'''مجمع دار السلام الاسلامي''' [[Malayalam]]:''' ദാറുസ്സലാം ദീനാർ ഇസ്ലാമിക്ക് അക്കാദമി''' ) is an Islamic educational institution. It was established in 2012 October 10, under the Darusslam Yatheem Khana committee is affiliated to [[Darul Huda Islamic University]],{{cite web |url= |title= Official Website of DHI University |accessdate= 2012-01-03}} Malappuram, Kerala and follows its educational curriculum. The academy which is housed in the same building of Darusslam Yatheem Khana aims to produce new hordes of scholars who are capable to carry on the propagation work in every corner of the world .The Academy concedes applicants younger than 12 and who have passed the public examination of fifth standard conducted by Samastha Kerala Islamic Educational Board for a 12-year course at the institution. 

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CH Hydrose Musliyar

'''CH Hydrose Musliyar''' was one of the most influenced mystic scholar in the hearts of Keralites as well as in outside. His innumerable social services were unforgettable and stimulating events to the dweller o Kerala. Humility, sincerity, piety fidelity and self-consciousness of smallness raised him t the pinnacle of success and came to be extra ordinary genius.
He did the ultimate in social reformation like his herculean task in laying foundation to world renowned university of southern India, Darul Huda Islamic University and other institutions which play the vital role in the progressive ideas among Muslims of Kerala.

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Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar

‘’’Pangil Ahmed Kutty’’’ ([[Malayalam]]: പാങ്ങില് അഹ്മദ് കുട്ടി മുസ്ലിയാറ്,[[Arabic]]: بانغل احمد كدي مسليار) prominent scholar hailing from [[Kerala]], is the second president of [[Samastha Kerala Jamiyathul Ulama]]. He was the spear head of [[Sunni]] horde  during the early period of the intellectual war against the novelty based group and was the reformer leader of Mappilas. His lineage reaches to Swahabas  and Thabees.

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Dr. U. Bapputti Haji

'''Dr. U. Bapputti Haji''' ( {{lang-ar|'''د.يو.بابدي الحاج'''}} {{lang-ml| '''ഡോ.യൂ. ബാപ്പുട്ടി ഹാജി'''}}, village physician by profession, is the think tank of [[Malabar]] [[Muslims]] and founder of Southern Indian greatest Islamic university, [[Darul Huda Islamic University]] {{cite web |url= |title= DARUL HUDA OFFICIAL WEBSITE |accessdate= 2012-10-23}}, founder leader of Sunni Mahal Federation (SMF).
==Early life==
Dr.Baputti Haji was born in 1929 September as son of Kunjaalan Kutti Vaidyar and Puthukkutti Kunchikkadiumma in [[Chemmad]]. His full name was Kunjavaran Kutti and Baputti was his nickname. His father was one of the physician families. In childhood Baputti Haji lived in Islamic nature because he has reputation in [[Chemmad]]. His father Kungalan Kutti forced him to gain Islamic knowledge and Islamic culture. {{cite web |url= |title= AshrafNlkn OFFICIAL WEBSITE
|accessdate= 2012-10-23}}

After the establishment of Tirurangadi orphanage, Baputti Haji’s father admitted him in the orphanage. Kunjalan Kutti was one of the orphanage’s committee members. But, unfortunately, Kunjalan Kutti called back him thanks to some problems erupted in committee members. After that Baputti Haji gained the primary education from his father. When he was six year old, Baputti Haji gained the [[Quran]] study from Nilimaavukkal Kunchi Usthad’s Madrasa. Baputti Haji entered to his school life in Nilimavukkal A.M.L.P School. When he was ten years old he gained education from Tirurangadi A.U.P School. But he paid attention only to the Islamic knowledge from Tirurnagadi Noorul Islam Madras which he studied the most famous Islamic books.
In 1943, Baputti Haji began to study in Parappil Madrsathul Muhammadiyya. In his 13th age, he gained Islamic knowledge from Vilakkandathil Muhyadheen Kutti Haji and MN Kunjutti Musliyar by studying like famous Pathu Kithab, Fathul Mueen AND Noorul Absar. He entered to all types of knowledge in his childhood. After the result of SSLC he completed the modern education. He expressed   his intention to study the medicine and imbibed the knowledge of [[Sanskrit]] language. In 1914 Baputti Haji admitted in Arya Vaidyashala College. After the one year duration of study he was enrolled as village physician.
Baputti Haji wished to become a student in religious affairs under the well known teachers of that time. Baputti Haji discussed with C.H Hydrose Musliyar and MA Basheer Musliyar about Sunni Mahal Federation (SMF) and he spent his lion share of life in thought provoking discussion about noval model for the religious education mixed with material subject. {{cite web |url= |title= Malik Deenar Islamic Academy OFFICIAL WEBSITE |accessdate=

==Dedication and target==
Dr.U Baputti Haji understood life way from western readings and many books. He understood the need of western education as well as modern subject to uplift of society. He shared the  about the education of [[Muslim]] with his companions like Maulana Quthubi Muhammed Musliyar, Kottumal Aboobacker Musliyar, Marhoom Kooriyad Thanu Musliyar  and Chappanangadi Bappu Musliyar. He gave birth for new food of thought that creation of new mechanism of education that will provide both material and non material subject under single umbrella. He loved the Islamic leaders by his deeds. He possessed spirituality, humanity, innocence, honesty as well as piousness. Baputti Haji saw the problem of community as  his own problem and did his best for the surviving.
While the rise of new organization, [[Muslims]] raised MSF’s problem in their hand, but Baputti  Haji didn’t concentrated to this problem. He only focuses on the Islamic affairs rather than the political and personal issues. He took decision in very slow pace and with long sight. Baputti Haji engages in social affairs and insisted that every child should read the Ayyuhal Valad.
==Family background==
Baputti Haji gave all rights to family while his essence of services. His special attitude that moulding  up of family is the first step of his renaissance set apart him from other social workers of his time. He was strict in implementation of Islamic rule in personal life.
Baputti Haji’s family include six sons and sevens daughters with his brother’s daughter and sixty-one granddaughters. He loved every member and tried his best to pay attention to all deed of his sons and didn’t allow them to wander in market. He encourages them to enter the venues of speech or religious occasion. He also keen in agriculture also and encouraged his sons to do like him. He compelled his children to study modern subjects like [[English]] and mathematics and in summer vecation in Madras subject.
Baputti Haji adopted poor children and helped them to study with his own worth. The poor children were eating and playing with Baputti Haji’s children and he served them as father. After the education he didn’t allow them to sit in home but insisted them to work.
When his sons completed fifteen years, he called them and began advice “ from very this day you have completed your childhood and now you are matured, so you have to live with your own responsibility and don’t go to kitchen. You have to keep your eye from non Mehrams”. Baputti Haji spent money for his child to perform hajj in very begning of childhood.
==Essence of services==
The relations of religious service gave him happiness and hard work was symbol of his life. Baputti Haji made a part o fhis life with prophet’s Sunnath. His polic;y was one have to becom ea teacher or student or  ahelper of Islamic thoughts. He was a propagator of nice teachings and find satisfaction from this work.
Dr. Baputti Haji gained the  improvements within a few days . he thought all problems than other scholars did and lvied with local people. He wished to live under the tinge of scholars. He carried the duty of general secretary of Chemmad Darul Huda Islamic Unviersity, state treasurer of Samastha Kerala Sunni Mahal Federation, Malappuram district treasurer, president of Chemmad Qidamathul Ilsma Madrasa, executive member of Vidybyasa board, president of Majlisu Dawathul Islamiyya and treasurer of Tanur Islhul Arabic college. He travelled in his all duties through the sincere path of organization. He didn’t create relation with bank among his work and protected his way of Islam during his social work.
==Caricature of life==
Bapputti Haji’s life include pretty and peace . He delt with keen intellect in social and religious affairs . Bapputty haji delt with Organization and institution in his life that was the doors in his services.
He was a thin man. He put on white dress. It was his habit in childhood. In his clothes jubbah and a kerchief  in his head as a cap was prominent Bapputty haji travelled in white Ambassador car in all nook and corner of Islamic regions in Kerala. He kept life system and time in his work.  He was very amiable and very soft minded towards children and used to ask children about his home and background. One day a student was walking close to Baputti Haji, then he took a piece of paper from his pocket. Baputti Haji asked “what is this?” then student replied “this is some English words”. Baputti Haji advised him: “it is not better to write only English words  but firstly  study using and meaning. He encouraged students to speech.
While the improving of Chemmad Haji discussed with committee members for more progressive Islamic system. One day the principle of  Chemmad Madras took a piece of midrib of palm leaf from Madrasa’s courtyard. Then Baputti Haji said: “this is the property of Madras. If we take it for your uses how we can answer in front of Allah.
Baputti Haji was role model to every person. He entered to Darul Huda Islamic University in his 55th. He was the member of samastha. But unfortunately he cant to reach in meeting, so that he gave up executive membership of samastha. He gave up his career of physician fearing the loss of piety .
==Life way of organizer==
Baputti Haji was a role model organizer and spent his lion share of life in service and institution. He was the warrior of Sunnath Jaamth. There is no example to Baputti Haji in Islamic history of [[Kerala]].
He is a candle that melts for social life. His personality and his all services recognized as social activities. Baputti Haji was treasurer of many institutions and he solved all problems of money and used it with cares. He used to tell his helpers while they are going to donate something: “accept donation of pleasant people, because some people donates with laziness. So that it is not better to give food for students. He didn’t love the banking system at [[Darul Huda Islamic University]]. He didn’t wish to that salary from banking. He believed in god’s help during a financial crisis at Darul Huda Islamic University.
Baputti Haji didn’t interest in political affairs. He wished to become the [[Muslim]] society with unity. He encouraged the [[Muslims]] to meet in social affairs and solve it. Baputti Haji was an active member of [[Muslim league]]. In 1952 he participated in [[Muslim league]]’s meeting to see Sayyid Bafaqi. He respected all Sayyid hailing from Panakkad and built a section in [[P.M.S.A Pookoya Thangal]]’s name at [[Darul Huda Islamic University]].
==Indelible memories==
Baputti Haji expressed many influences in his life of [[Islamic]] renaissance. The endurances is the perfect virtue of his life.  While the construction of [[Chemmad]] Madrassa, he wanted for a big building but some opposed an later the madras improved and needed for five hundred students . Baputti Haji moulded up an alliance of [[Muslim]] youth and so called Muslim Yuva Jana Sangam he opposed party of AP Aboobacker Musliyar.
While the improving of DHIU, some people opposed the institution but later it became the greatest move in the history of [[Kerala]] Muslim. The AP friction partly captured the city of Chemmad then he struggled against to them and recaptured his region. In all services he faced much opposition but he survived it. During the establishment of MSF, some of his rivals said: there is wing called SYS and there is no need for the new wing. In Chemmad election for Mahal administration he secured the thrilling win with majority o f 456 VOTES
==The leader of unity==
Baputti Haji wished to make calm atmosphere in all sides. He was dreaming a united society and environment. Baputti Haji was one member of [[Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama]]. He believed in it and wished that scholars are sphere of a society. Baputti Haji can’t suffer the clashes of society in Maslaa. He understood this as a social problem like the segregation in the translation of holy [[Quran]] in [[Malayalam]] and the dismissal of scholars from Samastha.
Baputti Haji discussed with Kantapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar to realize the unity between two fractions but that remained as distant one.
==Beginning of thought of renaissance==
Baputti Haji decided to bring reformation in society. He saw the needs of education in all sides. He found time for it and struggle against darkness with campaign for the creation of region of knowledge. He made new symbol of renaissance and he discussed with MM Basher Musliyar and CH Hydrose Musliyar.
He thought about the importance of education and improvement of [[Chemmad]]. He called people and advised them: “My dear friends, we are [[Muslims]] and have to understand the Islamic ideas. There is hard need of  propagation in our society as well as the team for purification of our own society”. This speech influence the hearts of young people of Chemmad. After that they created an ofganization known “Muslim Yuva Jana sanagam” baputti Haji brought Vazakkad Saad Musliyar to teach the people about islam.
Gradually this speech influenced the more number of people and some people saw it very pleasantly, thy began to werk hard to its victory. People coincided to this calss. Baputti Haji brought Saad Musliyar in all days to teach the people about islam. The thought went to deep and they understood about the islam they cooperated ti Baputti Haji to mould up a new generation o Islamic scholars in their region.
MM Basheer Musliyar and Hydrose Musliyar was good companion of Islam. If we look the history of [[Chemmad]], we can see the reputation and the sharing of Baputti Haji there.

==Realization of Islamic state==
Baputti  Haji’s dreamrealized within few days. He molded up the generation of educative people by the youth and their patents to Islam. Mahals are the certain region of [[Muslim]] [[Kerala]], he was his Mahal rarely and understood that there are many needs and many improvements he said: “unity is the spear of the society and when it disintegrate the sociery will be destroyed. Baputti Haji brought the Islamic culture in his Mahal through this way we can trace the Islamic ways.
Baputti Haji tried to improve [[Chemmad]], so that he gave them water and another necessary things. Baputti Haji created a group under the Qidamathu Islam for improvements. It helped them to collect distribution from [[Chemmad]]. Baputti Haji discussed to his native people about improvements.
From his reformation in 1962, he laid foundation for new organization called “Ithihadul Islam Sangam” to teach the new generation the ideal ideas of [[Islam]]. In 1975, he gave birth to new organization named as Jamiyyathul Muhmineen and in 1976, to SMF. At last due to his work, there took new changes and it paved path for new Islamic based state.
==Birth of Sunni Mahal Federation (SMF)==
Baputti Haji was the founder of Mahal organization and he was accompanied by the MM Bahseer Musliyar and CH Hydrose Musliyar. In April 1976, there was held two conference of Samastha at Edaukkula and Chemmad and in both conference the new organization to coordinate the Mahal was the main agenda. Eventually in 26th April 1976, Sunni Mahal Federation came to existence at [[Chemmad]] North zone conference.
After a year from the establishment new committee, in which Baputti Haji was treasurer, came to power. Edakkara, Kalikavu Mancheri, [[Malappuram]], Kottakkal, Tirurangadi, Kondotti, Arikkode, Tanur, Tirur, Edappal, Ponnani, Kuttipuam and Perinthalmannna  were the main place of SMF.
==Birth of Darul Huda Islamic University==
Baputti Haji decided to bring society to further studies and acknowledged the deficiency of old education system. Baputti Haji, Basheer Musliyar and CH Hydrose Msuliyar decided to include the modern pattern of education with primitive style of Dars. In 1962, they put this experiment in Kondotty Darse and it becomes thrilling victory and morale booster. They brought further changes by teaching [[English]], [[Arabic]] and [[Urdu]].
In 1980 under the Sunni Mahal Federation gave the novel model dares in Vengara, Mabbpura, Kottakkal, Nediurup and Kadalundi. In this time Haji and other scholars thought about a new foundation that will imbibe a new education system. In 25th December 1983, they laid foundation stone for [[Darul Huda Islamic University]].
==Darul Huda Islamic University under the Baputti Haji== 
Baputti Haji’s dream about [[Darul Huda Islamic University]] was to mould up new generation of scholars, well equipped and possessed good command in three international languages, [[English]], [[Arabic]] and [[Urdu]], and native language of [[Malayalam]]. In a morning of 1983five persons including MM Basheer Musliyar, CH Hyrose Musliyar, Dr. U Baputti Haji and Chemmukkal Kunfapu Haji and Pulikkod Saydalavi Haji gathered in Kottkkal MA Tourist Home and decided about further plan about [[Darul Huda Islamic University]].
Firstly Haji and companions were seeking for land to build an academy. They travelled in many regions seeking good site and at last they found at [[Chemmad]]. In 25th December 1983 foundation stone was laid and in 25th June 1986 first admission was don. In 1987 January 22, MM Basheer Musliyar left the mortal world and it became a great blow on Haji.
[[Darul Huda Islamic University]] entered to its more successfully period and in first batch there were eighty students. Baputti Haji encouraged student to speech in various languages and to write for magazines published from the outer states. He was also very anxious in the backwardness of northern muslim, so he sent a team to propagate them including Dr. Bahahudden Nadwi and other scholars. Following to this travel and report submitted by aforementioned scholars, he set up new Urdu National Medium.
Baputti Haji, the yuva turkey of Malabar went to glory in 22nd July 2003 at his own residence. His mortal body was buried In [[Darul Huda Islamic University]] campus.

Cherussery Muhammad Musliyar Cherussery

Cherussery Muhammad Musliyar Cherussery [[Arabic]]: جرشاري محمد مسليار is reputed scholar hailing from [[Kerala]]. He is known to be great scholar to contribute hundreds of prodigy in the [[Sunni]] horizon of [[Kerala]] as well as [[Baralvi]] movment in [[India]].

Cherussery Ahmed Kutty Musliyar

‘’’Cherussery Ahmed Kutty Musliyar’’’, [[Arabic]]: جرشاري احمد كدي مسليار is the most famous scholar hailing from Cherussery family. He is famous in [[Malabar]] for his faithful service in [[Sunni]] horizon and his piety.